Does this last?

Boo Seeka – Ben Gumbleton (L) & Sam Croft (R) 

Yes it does.

Meet me at the place where we can be our own creator. …Why does this only last for so long? Write a new chapter, doesn’t need to be clean. …Could I be wrong? Should I be asking myself while I’m high? Releasing our minds from the cynic and the hater. …Why does this only last for so long?

Hailing from the coastal shipping town, Newcastle in the Upper Hunter, these babes formed a band less than two years ago. The self professed “hip-hop-psych-soul/dream-tronica” sounding band are not to be missed – OHHHH the melodies! I liken their music to drum-heavy, chillwave-esque sounding melodies with fucking delicious harmonies. In one sound, “hnnnng”

Some may say that experience is key, these two beg to differ. As much as we hate to compare bands, you really gotta hand it to the boys – they’re a perfect mix of Alt-J with sprinklings of the angsty strains of Safia, all whilst weaving their own sorta groove-filled drum heavy beats.

With both European and American tours under their belts, Boo Seeka are setting themselves up to be one of those Australian bands on everybody’s lips. They’re certainly on mine.

With a jam-packed Australian tour kicking off at Sydney University’s Manning Bar this month (7th April), this band are sure to be on everybody’s radar soon.

Check them out over at Triple J Unearthed from when they first started out! 

Give them a listen. Bliss out. Catch one of their shows!

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