Reminiscing… prepare for golden oldies

Here are some songs that remind me of times long gone… where it be driving around in the car with my dad, or a song that reminds me of school days or uni days, here are my top picks of songs and their meanings to me:


This song will forever remind me of driving with my Dad. He’d sing this song to me and I’d groove. Without a doubt I was his girl. If I ever get married (hahaha) this will be my father-daughter dance – I’ve always promised this to him since I was a wee babe. It reminds me of our love and our remarkably unbreakable bond (even if I am a messy pain in the arse).



When I went to university, I met one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, my friend Stephanie. I remember the day I met her, I asked her if she wanted to look at my textbook. Many step brothers quotes later we became best friends. We were fortunate (and smart enough) to win scholarships to study at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Those days I will NEVER forget. If I didn’t have my best friend with me, I would have been an utter mess. This song reminds me of times at our beloved Tombs where we’d start the dance floor off by requesting this song – we were the beloved Aussies who weren’t so reliable paying the tab… or so we thought (we worked out in the end that we were more than reliable). I also remember when we were feeling awfully homesick blasting this in Steph’s dorm room. Even during Hurricane Sandy. Great times. I can’t believe it was 5 years ago.


This song was released when I was 4 or 5 and I was OBSESSED with it. I remember riding around in the car and whenever the horse song came on I’d demand it be played and be played LOUD. Thanks MUM! Every Australian kid should remember this song fondly.



This song is on this list more for the fact that it drove my brother INSANE. When I was younger, my brother would stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell, “SHOW ME YOUR FACE” before I went to school. I FUCKING HATED IT! so in retaliation, I’d play this. His least favourite song.  It’s a great song but he loathed it and that made it about 500000x funnier when he would almost howl when I’d play it to prove that yes, I was awake, and yes, I heard you the freaking first time you tried to wake me up. Thanks heaps, bud.

FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASons – DECEMBER, 1963 (Oh,  What a Night)

When I was in year 8 (2002), my mum bought me tickets to see a musical, Oh, What a Night! for my birthday. It was then that I fell even more in love with 70s music that she adored so much. I remember hearing this banger and my head, spun around and the took the party under. Another one to chalk up to Mum. Thanks babe!


This is another tune I can chalk up to the genius that is my brother. This tune should be the lifeblood of any of my fellow generation y’ers. It is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to be jazzed up by this bloody banger of a tune.


This reminds me of my beloved high school friend, Kate. Through thick and thin, we’ve remained the best of friends. I remember hearing this in the common room in year 12. The remix, that is. Ridiculous. We used to dance to this tune in an extremely unforgiving and embarrassing manner. I know Kate will read this, I also know she’ll cringe the same way I do when thinking about how awesome we thought we were in year 12. Remember Maths, Kate?


Hey, Matt
Yeah, Tim?
Hey, you talked to Marc lately?
Uh, haven’t really talked to him but he looks pretty, uh, down
“He looks pretty, uh, down?”
Yeah, well maybe we should cheer him up then
What do you, uh, suppose we should do?
Well, does he like butter tarts?

WHO DOESN’T REMEMBER THIS SONG? I couldn’t for the life of me understand why some pregnant chick was riding around on a fucking scooter. Where is her kid these days? is it famous? I NEED TO KNOW.

Please share some golden oldies, I know I have a million more but these are a few absolute favourites…

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