This year… 2017

This year has been massive.

I have loved and I have lost, I have worked and been rewarded. I have been blue, oh so blue but now I’m in such a better place.

I wanted to reflect upon this year where so much (but also so little) has happened.

  • I started and then deferred my Masters of Clinical Nurse Education
  • I have just enrolled instead in my Post Graduate Honours (Acute Care Nursing) degree (2018 here we come!)
  • I had a wonderful relationship with a wonderful person that was just not at the right time.
  • I travelled to Spain and Portugal with my Dad, a kind of goodbye to solo family holidays and a celebration of the best man I know turning 60.
  • A job as a staffing co-ordinator which I hated and dreamt of being back on the wards again (which I ended up going back to my beloved general medicine) – it gave me a whole new perspective of the hospital
  • A first wedding anniversary for my beloved brother and his beautiful wife
  • turning 28
  • making new friends, saying goodbye toxic friends
  • losing my appendix and then gaining weight
  • dealing with new found body image issues (scars on my abdomen)
  • flings with flirty physiotherapists
  • tinder dates that would tire your eyes
  • reality of my darling dog, Millie growing old (I got her when I was 15)
  • becoming more of the person I hope to be
  • being a better friend
  • not losing touch with those who just need some space, then finally reconnecting with them
  • finding so much musical bliss
  • accepting that I am who I am
  • acknowledging my anxiety triggers
  • freaking out about my ticking biological clock
  • crushing on ridiculous people
  • being proud to be Australian and a part of making the “YES” vote count
  • being a daughter, sister, and friend who is loved unconditionally

Thank you, 2017. You have taught me so much about myself and those I adore. It has certainly not been easy but I’m still here and we’re still here and we’ve GOT this!




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