Thanks to my friends for letting me out of my cage (and letting me use their power to charge my phone)

I spent NYE with my beloved friends and we rang in the new year as only we could with Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses. It was incredible. Strangely I was not hungover the next day!

So I’m back at work now, it’s as hectic as ever. Nursing just doesn’t ever stop.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want recently and what I want to change and things I can do about it.

At the end of last year we got some shocking news on the ward about a patient we had looked after for a long time – one who we thought would recover but sadly did not. It forced me to think about my life choices and how they affect those around me. It really threw me – a reactionary depression, they call it.

I’m doing a lot better now, in a better space but still working on myself.

This year I plan to:

  • Start studying again (Nursing Honours) – I just got my study leave approved!
  • Lose the weight I gained post appendix surgery – my body has changed and I have scars to prove it which I am shy about but I want to get back to being healthy.
  • I’ve decided to go back to morning shifts so I can have a routine week with a home/work/life balance.
  • Dad and I are going to start running together in Manly – walks first, then runs. Baby steps (and 3 bras) will be required.
  • Enjoy time with my loved ones and visit my grandparents in Armidale. Reality sinks in when you realise your beloved grandparents are 85 and 80 respectively. They aren’t as sprightly as when I was young but my grandfather just bought a dozen cattle which he is SO proud about.
  • TRY and get some annual leave – maybe not go anywhere fancy but just take some time out.
  • Say YES to more things – I get very uncomfortable living life on the fly – but I want to be more spontaneous.
  • Be more open with who I am and understand my limits.
  • Embrace myself for my faults and love myself anyway.
  • Accept my anxiety and depression and their triggers.

I don’t have a new years resolution per se, but I just want to take better care of myself and I hope that those around me will benefit from this.

Please everybody don’t forget, if you’re struggling there is help.




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