oh no she don’t need anything, oh she don’t need anyone

Happy August to everyone.

The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind… I don’t think one blog post could do it justice.

First of all, I got a new job! I am a community nurse and liaison for a company based in Adelaide. I drive all around Sydney and organise private nursing in the home for patients. It’s tough but it’s a good challenge and the welcoming I have received so far from people is wonderful. I trained in Adelaide for 10 days in June which was hectic but great. Some great friends over in the South!


Second of all, I bought an apartment. Sophie and I moved in on Saturday with many special thanks indeed to Elizabeth, Joss, my Brother, Dad and his partner, Ange. I have bought things this last week that I never really thought about buying before – a microwave and a vacuum cleaner, home and contents insurance and a bed… the list goes on and my credit card has taken a massive beating.



I am happy though, and lord knows how unhappy I have been this year. You could say I should do this to my shrink next time I see him:


Here’s a song to see you out whilst I’m trying to live my best life! xo

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