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  • How bout that splendour lineup?

    Splendour in the grass? more like splendour in your arse…  I had lady boners from here (manly) to bloody byron bay. The ones I have bolded AND italicised are the ones I wanna see… alas, my days of weekend festivals are well and truly over, I will have to fan girl over these fucking incredible babes […]

  • Does this last?

    Yes it does. Meet me at the place where we can be our own creator. …Why does this only last for so long? Write a new chapter, doesn’t need to be clean. …Could I be wrong? Should I be asking myself while I’m high? Releasing our minds from the cynic and the hater. …Why does […]

  • Father John Misty, you’ve taken my heart

    Apologies for the crickets around these parts. I’ve just wrapped up my ward nursing career (for the foreseeable future) and started my job as a staffing co-ordinator which I’m loving. I have also started my masters in clinical nurse education which I’m sure you could imagine is pretty time consuming. Been listening to some pretty […]