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  • How long ago did I do the HSC?

    16 years. That’s 16 years of dreams that state they didn’t mark the HSC properly and we’d have to do it all over again. Then I wake up. And I’ve done a degree. I’m at the top of my nursing pay grade. So what’s happening? 1. Guilt 2. Who gives a fuck?  The answer […]

  • Rest in peace, Elizabeth II

    No matter where you reside in our Commonwealth, we thank Elizabeth II for her service and her loyalty for over 70 years. Thank you for being our Queen. Thank you for leading the Church of England. Thank you for being a fair and thoughtful ruler. Your majesty, it has been an honour. “I am proud […]

  • General Medicine, Oncology & Palliative Care

    General Medicine – my forte Oncology – oh dear, the big C. Palliative Care – “Pally C” referred to a colleague I worked with during my new graduate year in 2014. “Palliative care is person and family-centred care provided for a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease, who has little or no prospect of […]