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  • How long ago did I do the HSC?

    16 years. That’s 16 years of dreams that state they didn’t mark the HSC properly and we’d have to do it all over again. Then I wake up. And I’ve done a degree. I’m at the top of my nursing pay grade. So what’s happening? 1. Guilt 2. Who gives a fuck?  The answer […]

  • A new year, a new life, a new blog.

    A new year, a new life, a new blog.

    I have dabbled in the musical journalism (FYI: I don’t think that’s the appropriate word for it) scene since my late teens. Sydneysiders of my age will remember dedicating Friday nights to getting drunk at the Clare Hotel on Broadway before rolling down the hill to the Abercrombie Hotel (RIP) to dance the night away […]